Panasonic WJ-RT416V/2500V Digital Video Recorder

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Panasonic WJ-RT416V/2500V Digital Video Recorder

WJ-RT416V DVR, with DVD burner and five 500GB HDD's (2500GB total capacity)

The Panasonic WJ-RT416 Series is a 16 Channel Real-Time MPEG-4 Digital Disk Recorder Supporting 480ips(NTSC) / 400ips(PAL)

* Records all 16 cameras at 30 ips (NTSC)/25 ips (PAL)
* MPEG-4: High quality and high compression technology for economical recording
* Various Recording Mode: Manual, Timer, Event (Pre/Post)
* Various Display Modes: 4/6/9/16 split screen display (Live), Quad (Playback)
* Sixteen alarm inputs and four alarm outputs
* Synchronized audio recording is possible for 16 channels
* HDD Safety Mode to protect HDD's during installation
* Three user levers: Manager, Operator and Viewer. Camera partitioning setting can be applied to each user level


Type: Digital Video Recorder
Storage Capacity: 2.5TB
Compression: MPEG-4
Alarm Function: Yes
Motion Detection: Yes
Network Compatible: Yes
Dimensions (H x W x D): 3.5'' x 18.875'' x 18''
Weight: 26.49 lbs

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