Samsung DVD-R160 Recorder

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Samsung DVD-R160 Recorder

With DVD ±R dual layer recording and front DV input features the DVD-R160 allows you to record TV shows and add home video to a DVD Disc and then rewrite over it, if desired. Favorite shows can be captured immediately with the “1 sec.” Quick Recording feature. Playback is amazingly clear with true color reproduction, thanks to Samsung's EVQ (Enhanced Video Quality) and Progressive scan output features. Only 1.9” in height, the DVD-R160 fits into any area with ease.

full multi format recording
The DVD-R160 will allow you to record on almost any type of disc you choose – DVD-RAM/-RW/-R/+RW/+R.

progressive scan
Using progressive scan technology, the DVD-R160 scans individual picture lines in sequences rather than alternately. This maximizes the clarity and realism of the digital images on your screen.

EZ record
Start your recording right where you want to. With your DVD-R160 you can start the recording function within 1 second so you don't miss any critical scenes.

dual layer recording
Maximize your recording time on one disc by taking advantage of the DVD-R160's ability to utilize dual layer discs which translates into more than 14 hours of uninterrupted programming.

Bring all your entertainment full circle. HDMI-CEC allows all products in your entertainment area to communicate with each other while using one remote control.

auto chapter creator
The DVD-R160 will create chapters when you record your favorite TV shows or video clips from a camcorder/VCR onto a DVD – so you won't waste time searching the whole DVD to get to the right spot.