Sanyo DSR-2004Hxxx 4-Channel MPEG4 DVR

Sanyo Updated: 2007-09-19
Sanyo DSR-2004Hxxx 4-Channel MPEG4 DVR


MPEG 4 Recording for Low Bit Rate, High Picture Quality, and Optimal Storage Capability
160 or 300 GB Storage Capacity
Recording Speed up to 120 ips
Camera Recording Rates are Individually Adjustable from 1 to 30 ips
Up to 720 x 480 Recording Resolution
Triplex Capability - Simultaneous Recording, Playback, and Network Monitoring
Built-in Motion Detection for Alarm Recording
LIVE Capture Allows Still Image Output of Live Images
Easy Search Functions - Event Search, Time/Date Search, Time Line Search
PTZ Telemetry Control Capability
IR Remote Control (Included) of up to Nine DVRs
Supports Composite and VGA Monitor Outputs
Two Way Audio Over the Network
Easy Backup of BMP or JPEG Still Images and AVI Files with USB Memory Stick
Supports DHCP for Automatic IP Address Assignment
Also Supports TCP/IP, SMTP & PPPoE
Supports up to Four Concurrent Network Users
Auto Recording with Optimum File Size