Sanyo DSR-M814Hxxx Digital Video Recorder

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Sanyo DSR-M814Hxxx Digital Video Recorder


* MPEG2 Video Compression
* 30 fps (Frame Recording) Real-Time Recording ALL THE TIME!
* 120GB, 240GB, 300GB, and 600GB Storage Capacity
* Composite Video Input/Output for Monitoring through an Existing Matrix Switcher
* Ethernet Output for Monitoring through a LAN
* 4 Picture Quality Settings
* Motion Recording
* Up to 70 Days of Recording at 30 fps Real-time
* Series Recording Capable for Extended Real-time Recording
* Mirroring Function for Built-in Redundancy on Two-drive units
* Simple OSD Menu Setup
* User Friendly Front Panel Control
- Playback, Cue/Review (2X, 7.5X, 15X, 30X, 180X), Still, Slow Motion (1/2, 1/4, 1/8), Frame Advance, Record
* Four Audio Inputs with Two-channel Mixed Recording
* Built-in Time/Date Generator
* Easy Search Functions
- Time/Date
- Alarm Event List
* Remote Control by
- RS-485 (Sanyo SSP)
- Resistor Alley Switch
- Ethernet (100BaseTX, Built-in RJ-45 Terminal)
* Master Clock
* Half Chassis, Fits Two Side-by-Side in 19" Rack
* Optional VA-SW814 GUI Control Software for Closed LAN Configurations Allows Remote Control and Video/Audio Monitoring through Ethernet of up to 4000 DSR-M814 or DSR-M810 series and 8 PCs or Compact Flash Card via USB Terminal can be Connected in a Single Closed LAN
* Download Video Clips to CD-R/RW Drive
* VA-SW8/LITE Included
* 3-year Warranty

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