Sanyo ICR-A125M Digital Voice Recorder & MP3 Music Player

Sanyo Updated: 2007-09-18
Sanyo ICR-A125M Digital Voice Recorder & MP3 Music Player


Portable, Ergonomic Design: Take this compact, multi-purpose device anywhere. For your work and play, the ICR-A125M combines three important functions into an easy-to-carry, user-friendly design. The ICR-A125M may be used as a digital voice recorder, as removable flash memory, and as an MP3 music player so you can listen to your favorite tunes.

USB Flash Memory: As well as traditional dictation functions, digital voice recorders double as USB Flash memory. With built-in internal memory, you can transfer and store presentations or any other files on the digital recorder and enjoy the convenience of portability. The Sanyo ICR-A125M makes this process easier than ever, offering a built-in USB connector.

Transfer of Voice Files: Downloaded voice files are incredibly easy to distribute and use. Simply e-mail a voice file to a transcriptionist anywhere in the world. The ICR-A125M easily connects to any computer’s USB port, making downloading your voice files to your computer fast and simple.

Folder Organization: The ICR-A125M features a three-folder management system with each folder capable of storing up to 99 unique messages.

Entertainment: MP3 and WMA music files can be downloaded, stored and played on the ICR-A125M digital voice recorder, providing hours of musical entertainment while traveling.