Sanyo TRC-540M Microcassette Recorder

Sanyo Updated: 2007-09-18
Sanyo TRC-540M Microcassette Recorder


Selectable microphone sensitivity allows optimal recording during personal dictation or when recording in a conference environment.
2-speed playback and recording allows the user to select either the standard record/playback time or the half speed extended double record/playback mode.
Extended Battery Life allows for up to 30 hours of recording time.
Auto stop mechanism turns off the tape drive system when the end of the tape is reached.  This feature prevents the cassette tape from being stretched and extends battery life.
Simplified one touch recording enables the unit to start recording at the push of just one button.
Cue/Review slide control allows quick easy forward or back access to any part of the tape.
Quick Record/Quick Review lets you check what you have just recorded and then resume recording without having to stop tape.
Electronic pause control temporary stops the tape movement during recording or playback.
External earphone/headset jack allows the user to monitor recordings through an optional headset or earphone.
Operates on two "AA" size batteries.
Accessories included: cassette tape and carrying case.
Dimensions (WxHxD): 2.6" x 4.7" x 1"