Sony DVO1000MD Medical Grade DVD Recorder

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Sony DVO1000MD Medical Grade DVD Recorder

The DVO-1000MD is the only medical grade DVD recorder that features a built in hard drive. This recorder has two exclusive features DVORECOVERY™ and DVOFAST ™, making this recorder one of the most user friendly recorders we have ever designed. DVORECOVERY enables the end user to re-capture lost video due to an accidental power outage. DVOFAST enables you to remove a recorded disk in less than 2 minutes, NO FINALIZATION is required. The competition can take up to 5 minutes to eject a disk. The DVO-1000MD employs industry standard MPEG 2 video compression to capture images with exceptional clarity. The DVO-1000MD utilizes a 80 Gigabyte Hard Drive to store up to 30 hours of video.

* Built-In 80 Gigabyte Hard Disk can hold up to 30 hours of video
* No Finalization required, DVD's can be removed in less than 2 minutes

* Uses low cost DVD+RW Media that can be re-written over many times
* NTSC & PAL video standard


DVOFAST™: Instant recording the moment the button is pressed. DVOFAST also enables the end user to remove a DVD in less than 2 minutes when the eject button is pressed. Finalization of the disk is not required because DVD+RW media is used and each title is saved to the disk the moment the stop button is pressed. Work flow will not be interrupted while waiting for the disk to eject. DVORECOVERY™- The built-in 80 Gigabyte hard drive provides the added confidence that the video will not be lost to an accidental power outage. Each time a recording session is started video is streamed from the hard drive to the disk instantly. When a power loss occurs during a recording, approximately 4 seconds of video will be lost. DVO-1000MD has saved the video to the hard drive, making it possible to recover the video. Re writable DVD+RW Media: DVD+RW media was adopted because it offers wide inter operability between computers and consumer DVD players. DVD+RW disks provide a low cost for blank media disks when compared to other optical disk formats like DVD-RAM. Variable Bit Rate Recording:VBR provides three recording modes: HQ Mode: 60 Minutes / SP Mode: 120 Minutes /LP Mode: 180 Minutes High-speed picture search: The DVO-100MD offers +/- 3 times playback from the front panel. Using an optional control panel (SVRM-100A or DSRM-10) +/-10 times normal speed playback is available with an easy-to-use Jog/ Shuttle operation. In addition a +/- 30 times normal speed playback is possible when the recorder is connected to medical equipment via RS232C protocol. Sony can provide the protocol at no additional charge for software developers. Legacy Remote controls supported: DVO-1000MD utilizes all remotes that were compatible with the SVO-9500MD SVHS Medical Grade Recorder. SVRM-100A, FS-20 are fully supported. Patient Data Recording: Using an optional Keyboard connected to the RS232C port Patient data up to 2KB per title can be recorded on the DVD +RW Disk.