Sony HVR-MRC1K Memory Recording Unit

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Sony HVR-MRC1K Memory Recording Unit

The HVR-MRC1K memory recording unit offers limitless workflow benefits. It captures the HDV, DVCAM, or DV stream output from your compatible camcorder and allows you to record HDV/DVCAM/DV files to a standard CompactFlash solid-state memory card while also recording to tape. Extremely compact and lightweight, the HVR-MRC1K can be attached directly onto the HVR-Z5U high-def camcorder without cabling, converting the camcorder to a tape and memory hybrid recording system. For all other existing Sony professional HDV and DVCAM users, the HVR-MRC1K comes supplied with a mounting bracket to mount the unit on the accessory shoe of the camcorder. Information is displayed on an LCD. Uses InfoLithium L Series batteries.

LCD Display
- Battery / AC operation - CAMLINK mode - CompactFlash - Clip Number - Recording/ Playback - Time Code - Status - REC mode - Repeat mode - Loop recording

CACHE Recording Function
Video and audio signals are continuously buffered in memory for up to 14 seconds

Selectable Playback Format
AUTO: playback all clips sequentially HDV: playback only HDV clips sequentially DV: playback only DV clips sequentially

Various Playback Modes
Standard Playback Trick Playback: Clips can be played back at 3x, 6x and 9x normal speed Repeat Playback: Automatically repeat playback of all or one clip(s)

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