Sony ICD-BM1A Memory Stick Pro Duo Digital Voice Recorder

Sony Updated: 2007-09-29
Sony ICD-BM1A Memory Stick Pro Duo Digital Voice Recorder

Capture your next big idea with the ICD-BM1A digital voice recorder. Featuring up to 694 minutes recording time with supplied 32MB Memory Stick® media, this voice recorder is ideal for professionals, students or anyone on the go. Organize and edit recordings in 340 folders, then use the supplied digital voice editor software to send audible e-mails with an attached file. The ICD-BM1A comes equipped with a built-in speaker, hold button, date display, battery level indicator, alarm and digital clock. Seeing data and listening to audio is a cinch with useful features such as the large LCD display for showing recording data and 350mW speaker output.

Slide Switch Control Operation
allows for one-button operation of all major functions of the recording device.

High Value Design with Seamless Aluminum Body
increased body size provides a more comfortable fit in the hand while still being lightweight.

Uses Removable Memory Stick® Media-Includes One 32MB Memory Stick
records all dictation on small, compact, high capacity Memory Stick® media, and allows recorded cards to be readily distributed for processing; Memory Stick® media ranging from 8MB to 128MB can be inserted into the unit for different applications.

Up to 694 Minutes Recording Time with Supplied 32MB Memory Stick® Media
offers the option of up to 10 hours 30 minutes recording time on the supplied 32MB Memory Stick media which may be recorded over and used again.

USB Connectivity for High Speed Copying of Files to the PC
via USB port on a PC.

Selective Automatic Folder Copy Function to the PC

Specific folders automatically send its contents to a desired location on your PC

Compatible with Dragon® Naturally Speaking® Preferred Voice to Print Software
to easily convert your recorded files into text.

High Quality Sound-"LPEC® CODEC Technology"-16KHZ Sampling Rate
with improved frequency response ensures excellent recorded sound clarity.

Multiple Recording Modes: Stereo-82 Minutes, SP-260 Minutes, LP-694 Minutes
allows different levels of recording for different situations.

Overwrite (Correction) Function
allows the user to rewind to a location and re-dictate from the last correct word.

Digital Pitch Control
allows recordings to be heard at slower than normal speeds without distortion to facilitate transcribing or editing, or faster than normal to move quickly to a desired portion.

Voice E-Mail Function-2
using the supplied digital voice editor software can easily send audible e-mail with an attached file.

Up to 340 Message Folders for Dictation
provide separate message areas for different applications such as business memos or personal reminders, for better organization and faster access.

Full Function LCD Display
shows number of messages recorded, recording length, date, time, and battery power remaining.

Incremental Rewind (Easy Search)
is the equivalent of tape Fast Rewind but without returning all the way to the beginning of each recording, to help locate specific passages.

Advanced Digital VOR (Voice Operated Recording)
stops the recording during silent pauses, saving valuable recording time, then begins recording again without missing a single syllable thanks to the digital buffer.

Built-In Microphone
for extra convenience, eliminates the need for an external microphone.

Built-In Playback Speaker
for monitoring playback of recordings.

Battery Strength LCD
provides a visible signal when battery strength is low.

On/Off Switch
allows you to control the power by switching on or off.

Hi/Lo Mic Sensitivity
enables the unit to record different situations, from group meetings to individuals, more effectively.

Stereo Earphone and Microphone Jacks
allows listening through earphones for privacy or transcription and the stereo mic jack allows connection of an external microphone.

LED Operation Indicators (Record/Play)
indicates Red when unit is recording, Green when in playback mode.

Includes Carrying Case
to protect the device and make it more portable.

Microsoft® Windows® 98/2000/Me/XP Compatible