Sony ICD-P620 Digital Voice Recorder

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Sony ICD-P620 Digital Voice Recorder

Easily record important lectures, meetings and personal memos with the ICD-P620 digital voice recorder. When you're finished recording, connect to a PC via USB and save your files for later reference. Features four message folders, single function buttons for simplicity and date and time stamps on all recordings. Includes two "AAA" batteries.

PC Compatible via USB
Quickly and easily transfer your audio files to a computer for further procesing or archiving.

512MB Built-in Flash Memory
Available on the integrated circuit chip, which may be recorded over and used again with distortion-free clarity.

Over 261 Hours Recording Time in LP Mode
LP Mode gives you plenty of time to record everything you need.

3 Recording Modes
Chosse the quality of recording depending on how much tim eyou need. Long Play(LP) 261h 45m, Standard Play(SP) 159h 20m and High Quality(HQ) 59h 45m.

4 Message Folders
Keep your voice files organized. The 4 message folders can be used for different applications, such as business memos, correspondence, personal reminders and more.

Large LCD Display
Easily shows the number of messages recorded, recording length, date, time and battery power remaining.

Single Function Buttons
Access any of the digital voice recorder functions using the ergonimic buttons that make controlling the unit easy.

Digital VOR (Voice Operated Recording)
save valuable recording time. VOR stops the recording during silent pauses then begins recording again without missing a single syllable becasue of the digital buffer.

Selectable Microphone Sensitivity (Hi/Lo)
Record different situations, from group meetings to individuals, more effectively.

Date and Time Stamp
let's you see the day and time you recorded your message on.