Sony ICD-SX68 Digital Voice Recorder

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Sony ICD-SX68 Digital Voice Recorder

Record up to 185 hours on the 512MB built-in flash memory of the ICD-SX68. With five Recording modes you will never miss a word. This clever device also plays MP3 files by easily dragging them right into the convenient MP3 folder. Your all in one voice recorder solution is here. The backlit dot matrix LCD gives you vital information at a glance and the triple microphone design allows for pristine, high-performance recording.

PC Compatible via USB (Cable Included)
Easily transfer audio files to a computer for processing and archiving.

512MB Built-in Flash Memory
Available on the integrated circuit chip which may be recorded over and used again.

Up to 185 Hours Recording Time (LP Mode)
LP mode gives you plenty of time to record everything you need.

5 Recording Modes
Offers a choice of recording times to maximize space on the digital voice recorder. STHQ (Stereo High Quality) offers longer recording time while maintaining 2-channel recording for improved sound quality.

Digial Voice Up
Amplifies low sound when playing back recordings on the device.

Voice Operated Recording(VOR)
Stops the recording during silent pauses, saving valuable recording time, then begins recording again without missing a single syllable thanks to the digital buffer.

MP3 File Conversion and Playback
Playback unsecured MP3 files by dragging and dropping files right into the MP3 folder on the device. Recordings can also be converted to MP3 or WAV file formats with the included Digital Voice Editor 3.0 software.

Adjustable Recording Level Indicator
You can listen to the recording level by using headphones while the unit is recording and adjust accordingly. This is ideal for live recording.

Triple Microphone Design
Allows for high performance recording

Backlit Dot-matrix LCD Display
Shows the number of messages recorded, recording length, date, time and battery power remaining.

Rechargeable NiMh Batteries (Optional)
Can be used over and over for worry free recording.

Compatible with Dragon® Naturally Speaking®
For easy printing of your voice files.