Sony M-100MC Mic'n Micro Microcassette Recorder

Sony Updated: 2007-09-29
Sony M-100MC Mic'n Micro Microcassette Recorder

The M-100MC Mic 'n Micro microcassette recorder features a uni-directional mic for lecture recording-perfect for your speaking needs. It also comes with 3 sensitivity modes, a mic stand and voice operated recording.

Uni-Directional Microphone
minimizes recording of peripheral sounds and is ideal for recording speaker at lectures and presentations.

3 Mic Sensitivity Modes (Lecture/Normal/Dictation)
lets you select best pickup sensitivity for recording a wide range of applications, from close-up personal dictation to large meetings.

Desktop Mic Stand
allows the recorder to be set down on table or desk for hands-free operation.

Voice Operated Recording (VOR)
automatically activates the recorder only when audible sound is present, conserving tape and eliminating lengthy noiseless passages on recordings.

Clear Voice? Sound System
enhances voice quality during recording and playback for greater clarity.

Cue Marker Indexing
lets you place an electronic "mark" at specific tape segments, and provides rapid access during Cue and Review.

Fast Playback
plays tape 20% faster than normal speed and reduces the time needed to review recordings.

Up To 19 Hours Battery Life
using just two "AA" batteries for recording convenience.

3-Digit Tape Counter
provides a digital display of tape elapsed for rapid access to a particular section of the tape during playback.

3 LED Indicator
visibly indicates recording level and condition of battery power, in three segments.

Playback Speaker
is unobtrusive, and lets you and others hear playback without an earphone.

Automatic Shut-Off
helps reduce mechanical wear and conserves battery power.

Pause Switch
temporarily halts recording or playback without leaving that mode, and resumes at the flick of a button.

2-Speed Operation (1.2/2.4 cm/sec)
gives you the option of recording on a standard microcassette for twice its normal time, for extended dictation or recording sessions.

Cue/Review Function
provides sound during fast Forward and Rewind modes to help find specific passages.

Earphone Jack
provides individual listening to playback for privacy.

Hinged Battery Lid
helps prevent accidental loss or damage.

Hand Strap Attached
affords very convenient one-hand use of unique design, similar to using a videocassette camera.

DC-In Jack
for two-way power operation, using replaceable batteries or optional AC power adaptor.