Sony M-2020A Microcassette Dictation/Transcription System

Sony Updated: 2007-09-29
Sony M-2020A Microcassette Dictation/Transcription System

Utilize the M-2020 microcassette dictation/transcription system to fulfill all your office recording needs. You'll enjoy features like conference recording with a built-in microphone, a compact desktop design, a hand microphone, 2-speed operation, a mic cradle, a slide switch microphone, a built-in speaker, and even a foot control unit. Also take advantage of the 3-position automatic backspace, tone and volume controls, a headset, a remote microphone/telephone recording jack, an AC adaptor, a tape counter and speed control.

Combination Transcriber/Recorder
provides convenient transcribing/playback features with the ability to record conferences and telephone conversations all in one machine.

Conference Recording with Built-in Microphone
allows the M-2000 to be used as general purpose recorder during meetings.

Remote Microphone Jack
accepts an external microphone for special recording.

Telephone Recording
capability using an optional telephone pick-up.

Two-Speed Operation
permits choice of 2.4cm/sec speed (30 minutes recording time per side of MC-60 MicroCassette) or 1.2cm/sec (60 minutes per side).

2-Function Foot Control and Earphone
lets transcriber use both hands for keyboard entry or typing while listening to and controlling tape playback.

3-Position Automatic Backspace
lets transcriber reverse the tape 0, 1, or 3 seconds, automatically, to review recorded material for transcribing confirmation.

Speed Control
lets the operator vary the playback speed.

Tone and Volume Controls
permit operator to adjust playback for clearest and most desirable sound quality of any voice.

3-Digit Tape Counter
provides display of tape elapsed, for rapid access to a particular section of the MicroCassette.

Built-In Speaker
for general listening convenience.