Sony M-570V Microcassette Voice Recorder

Sony Updated: 2007-09-29
Sony M-570V Microcassette Voice Recorder

The M-570V has a slim, sleek design allowing you the freedom to take it anywhere. Perfect for seminars, lectures and interviews, the M-570V includes Voice Operated Recording (VOR), a 3-digit counter and a built-in microphone for dictations or recordings on the go. The M-570V comes with 1 microcassette and 2 "AAA" batteries.

Voice Operated Recording (VOR)
activates the recorder only when audible sound is present, conserving tape and eliminating soundless passages.

Includes 1 Cassette and 2 Batteries
so this recorder is ready to go to work for you, right out of the box.

Record/Battery LED Indicator with Voice Mirror
confirms recording operation by mirroring voice with LED illumination and provides visible indication of battery power remaining.

"Clear Voice™ Plus" Recording System
enhances voice quality during record and playback for greater clarity.

3-Digit Tape Counter
makes it easy to find a specific location on the tape for rapid access and editing.

Built-In Microphone
for extra convenience, eliminates the need for an external microphone.

One Touch Recording
for simplified, quick Play/Record operation.

Cue and Review with Slide Control
provides sound during Fast Forward and Rewind modes to help find specific passages.

Sony-Matic® Automatic Recording Level Control
uses advanced circuitry to ensure correct recording level.

Automatic Shut Off at End of Tape
pops up buttons to conserve battery power, reduces mechanical wear, and alerts you that the end of the tape has been reached.

2-Speed Record/Playback
gives you the option of recording on a standard microcassette at either normal speed of 2.4cm/sec or half the normal speed at 1.2cm/sec for extended recording or dictation sessions.

DC-In Jack
for 2-way operation using replaceable batteries or with optional AC adaptor.

L/R Monaural Earphone Jack
provide sound in both ears when using with an optional stereo headset.

Hinged Battery Lid
helps prevent accidental loss when changing batteries.