Sony PDW-75MDPAC1 HD Medical Video Recorder

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Sony PDW-75MDPAC1 HD Medical Video Recorder

The PDW-75MDPAC1 HD Medical Recording and Editing Package includes the PDW-75MD HD Recorder, the new PDW-U1 External XDCAM HD Disc Drive and Sony Vegas 8.0 Professional HD Video Editing Software. This complete package provides the user with an HD Recorder for recording HD video in the operating room as well as an XDCAM HD disc drive and editing software for use with a PC or laptop in a doctor's office or together editing workstation. This package allows doctors to edit their HD video in order to archive only pertinent segments of surgical procedure and make compelling presentations to students or colleagues. Like other external disc drives, the PDW-U1 simply connects to an editing PC, Macintosh® or laptop computer via USB 2.0 enabling direct viewing of recorded XDCAM HD video. The software enables the edited video to be burned to Blu-ray disk™ (HD quality)*, standard definition)* or back to XDCAM HD** depending on the intended playback medium or venue.


* *Media formats dependent upon editing computer specifications.
* ** The capability of writing files to the professional XDCAM HD media in the PDW-U1 drive is expected to be available by Summer 2008
* Up to four and one half hours of recording on one PFD-%)DLA dual layer disc and up to two hours on one PFD-23A single layer disc
* 3.5-inch (viewable area, measured diagonally) color LCD screen, allows users to view recordings and makes setup easy
* Built in down converter to output a composite signal
* Jog/shuttle dial equipped which provides VTR-like operation
* HDSDI Inputs and Outputs
* 4 channels of audio recording
* PDZ-1 Proxy Browsing Software, PDZ-VX10 XDCAM Viewer Software, PDZK-P1 XDCAM Transfer Software (enable direct connection with a compatible Macintosh® computer via the i-Link interface for file access)
* Compact wireless remote control RMF-70
* RS-232 or RS422 interfaces included


1440 x 1080i resolution: Outstanding image quality and accurate color reproduction
Compact design: Unit can be positioned horizontally or vertically for easy integration into operating rooms and other medical environments
Newly developed dual layer optical disc technology: Record up to 4.5 hours of HD video
Optional PDW-75MD drive unit: Doctors can easily transfer recorded HD video material from the operating room to their office computer, laptop or other workstation for viewing and editing