Sony PHU-60K Professional Hard Disk Recording Unit

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Sony PHU-60K Professional Hard Disk Recording Unit

Ensure you have plenty of recording time with this hard disk recording unit.

It's perfect for uninterrupted recording of long events including weddings, documentaries, conventions and sporting events.

Enjoy up to 60GB of storage or shoot over four hours of uninterrupted video in SP mode with your XDCAM EX camcorder and the PHU-60K hard disk recording unit.

Designed to withstand the demands of high-stress video shooting environments, this HDD unit incorporates a comprehensive, five-stage approach to resisting and recovering from shock and vibration including internal shock absorbers, CyberCapture technology, 3G shock detection, shock-proof memory and a salvage function.


* Low cost per minute
* Long record time (Approx. HQ -195min / SP - 265min)
* High reliability with Shock resistance mechanism, Shock/Fall Sensing and Shock Proof Memory Stable data transfer utilizing CyberCapture Technology

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