Sony PMW-EX30 XDCAM EX Memory Recorder

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Sony PMW-EX30 XDCAM EX Memory Recorder

The PMW-EX30 deck is a highly versatile and affordable compact recording deck, and can be used for many different applications. It allows simple viewing of recorded materials with a monitor, dubbing to other format/media such as HDV™, XDCAM HD and HDCAM™, and feeding to nonlinear editing systems. In addition, the PMW-EX30 deck can be used as an affordable full HD recorder for event recordings – it can record HD signal outputs from a switcher. The PMW-EX30 deck is equipped with a wide array of interfaces including HD-SDI input and output, HDMI output, HD analog component, composite outputs and more. Equipped with two SxS PRO memory card slots, the PMW-EX30 deck can record up to 140 minutes of HD footage using two 16-GB SxS PRO memory cards (in SP mode). The recording time can be further extended up to approximately 260 minutes when an optional PHU-60K professional hard disk unit is attached to the PMW-EX30 deck.


* 2 Express Card Slots

* HD SDI input and output

* Downconverted DV out for DV NLE editing