Yamaha POCKETRAK CX Portable Digital Recorder

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Yamaha POCKETRAK CX Portable Digital Recorder

The 90° X-Y mic removable micro SD card and the long-life battery make the CX perfect for the serious recording enthusiast.

Who would believe that this much recording power slips conveniently into a shirt pocket. The large diameter, high sensitivity 90° X-Y microphone on the POCKETRAK CX creates natural stereophonic recordings. The microSD and USB capability ensure you have all the storage capability you need.

The re-chargeable, built-in "eneloop" AA battery built into the compact body allows up to 40 hours of continuous recording and play-back operation. A variety of different recording formats from 16-bit 44.1 CD quality .wav files to convenient MP3 allows you to select the recording format of your choice. The POCKETRAK CX comes bundled with Yamaha exclusive Cubase AI4 software.

Compact and lightweight
At just over 3 ounces, the POCKETRAK CX is easy to carry everywhere

Long lasting rechargeable " eneloop" battery
Economically and ecologically better and gives 50 hours recording @ MP3 recording

90° X-Y stereo microphone
Wider and more realistic stereo recording capable

microSD card (2GB)
Enough memory capacity, expandability and accessibility

PB Speed adjustment (70%–150% @ MP3)
Convenient for music lessons and practice, and also for language study

Built-in speaker
Provides instant playback

Stand mountable
Stand mountable on camera or microphone tripod

Plenty of accessories
Wind screen, microphone stand adaptor, microSD (2GB) and carrying case

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