Cuisinart CWC-600 Private Reserve Wine Cellar

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Cuisinart CWC-600 Private Reserve Wine Cellar

Protect the integrity of your favorite wines with the Cuisinart™ Private Reserve™ Wine Cellar. This elegant countertop cellar chills wines using thermoelectric cooling technology, which eliminates noise and vibration. Eight temperature presets for a variety of reds and whites keep up to 6 bottles of wine at the perfect serving temperature. Designed in the style of full-size cellars, with a stainless steel door and interior light, the Cuisinart™ Private Reserve™ is a beautiful way to display wines and champagnes.

Product Features

6-bottle countertop wine cellar
Thermoelectric cooling technology – no noise or vibration
8 presets for proper serving and storage temperatures or any variety of white or red wine
Electronic thermostat and LED readout
Stainless steel door with chrome handle
16-inch height is perfect for countertop use
Interior light with permanent ON option
Double-pane tinted viewing window
3 removable chrome racks designed to hold 750ml or 1500ml bottles
Ability to adjust temperature manually
Limited 3-year warranty

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