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Gladiator GAFZ21XXRK Freezerator Convertible Refrigerator/Freezer

Gladiator GAFZ21XXRK Freezerator Convertible Refrigerator/Freezer

The Gladiator® Freezerator® convertible refrigerator/freezer - the ultimate second refrigerator with ideal proportions providing the latest and greatest in innovation, space savings, and an upscale look that really stands out in the garage. It appeals to busy families who buy in bulk from warehouse clubs, who need space for chilling surplus beverages like that extra gallon of milk that will eventually end up in the main refrigerator, who need extra refrigerator or freezer space around the holidays, and who want chilled beverages to be consumed outside without having to enter the house. The convertible upper compartment allows you to decide if the compartment operates as a refrigerator or freezer.

Unique Upper Compartment Refrigerator Converts to Freezer by Simply Turning a Dial
The 6 cu. ft. upper compartment can be converted from a refrigerator to a freezer as needs change.

Door Mounted Beverage Rack
Upper compartment in-door beverage rack holds 24 12-oz. cans or 20-oz. bottles.

Dedicated Lower Freezer Compartment
The 15 cu. ft. lower freezer compartment is great for storing large frozen items and bulk frozen food purchases.

Refrigerator with Built-in Heater
Built-in heater keeps refrigerated items chilled inside, not frozen, even in very cold environments, with an operating range from 0-110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Reversible Door Swing
Door swing can be changed to accommodate preference.

Pull-Out Baskets
One adjustable pull-out half-width basket is extra deep and slides out, so you can store more bulk items and easily reach them. One heavy-duty pull-out full-width basket slides out, allowing full access to items on the bottom of the freezer. This basket is also extra wide, so it can store more items at once.

Light in Both Compartments
Internal lights make every item easily visible and quick to locate.

Heavy-Duty Solid Rubber Casters
The unique 5" x 2" casters increase stability and make the unit easy to move. The front casters lock with a simple step, making it possible to solidly hold the unit in place. The swiveling rear casters make the unit easy to move.

Heavy-Duty Adjustable Shelves
Four heavy-duty adjustable shelves move easily, giving the flexibility to store food and beverages anywhere in the unit.

3 Door Bins
Three 1-gallon adjustable door bins move easily, giving the flexibility to store frozen food and ice cream anywhere in the freezer door.

Double Pass Heat Loop
Unlike typical freezers designed for inside the home, the Freezerator® Convertible Refrigerator/Freezer has a double pass heat loop that helps keep the unit´s outer surface from sweating in high humidity environments.

Frost Free Defrost
The Frost Free Defrost adjusts the frequency of defrosts by monitoring the compressor run-time and the evaporator heater on-time, resulting in improved food preservation, fewer ice crystals, less freezer burn and energy savings. Never requires defrosting.

Underwriters Laboratories Classified
The Freezerator® Convertible Refrigerator/Freezer meets applicable building code and safety standards, including all requirements associated with UL Listing and/or Classification. The UL mark gives instant peace of mind that this Gladiator® product meets the safety requirements of UL.

Electrical Requirements
15 or 20Amps. 60Hz. 115V. A fused electrical supply is required. A grounded circuit is required. A time-delay fuse or circuit breaker and separate circuit is recommended.

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