LG LFC22740SW French Door Refrigerator

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LG LFC22740SW French Door Refrigerator

22.4 Cu.Ft. Total Capacity

Wide Open Spaces
Open the three doors and take a step back. You will see a panoramic view of gallon size bins, slide-out shelves, and OptiBin™ drawers to accommodate all your fresh food at eye level. In the freezer, stare in amazement at our deep, spacious drawer. The perfect home for your large frozen turkey.

Multi-Air Flow Cooling
Vents are located on every shelf for even air distribution and longer lasting food freshness.
Digital Temperature Controls Ensure precise temperature control in the refrigerator and freezer compartments. Located upfront in the fresh food section, the digital controls are within easy reach when the door is open.

OptiBin™ Crisper
Optimizes humidity, extending life of most fruits and vegetables with the innovative Magic Crisper. The intelligent design of the crisper lid automatically lifts out of the way when the door is opened.

BioShield™ Anti Bacterial Seal
Unique feature prevents mold and mildew from building up on the door seal.