Samsung RF265ABBP French Door Refrigerator

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Samsung RF265ABBP French Door Refrigerator

SAMSUNG has put conventional cooling technology on ice. Our groundbreaking Twin Cooling System® provides superior dual action cooling that helps prevent spoiling and keeps food super fresh. You can also customize your fridge compartments, creating optimal temperatures for different food items. The CoolSelect Pantry™ drawer lets you quickly thaw or chill certain items at the last minute. Enjoy true innovation with a reliable SAMSUNG refrigerator.

Twin Cooling System®
SAMSUNG’s Twin Cooling System® takes refrigeration out of the ice age with dual action cooling that keeps your food fresh. It does this by controlling and generating cooling air for the refrigerator and freezer separately with two evaporators, two fan systems and precise electronic control. The Twin Cooling System® maintains humidity and temperature levels that are just right so food stays super fresh.

CoolSelect Pantry™ drawer
The versatile CoolSelect Pantry™ drawer allows you to select the temperature and functions that fit your lifestyle and needs. You can control the temperature of your refrigerator to thaw or chill items for a last minute dinner or spur-of-the-moment party.

digital display and control
Controlling the refrigerator is easy with the digital display. Besides giving ready access to the ice and water dispenser, it shows the freezer and fridge temperatures and when to change your filter.

cool tight doors
Self-closing doors ensures a tight seal every time for energy and cooling efficiency.

power freeze and power cool
Fast chill or fast freeze your food in a short period of time whenever you need to. Ice cream melted on the way home from grocery shopping? With just the press of a button, it can be restored to frosty perfection within minutes. The system runs nonstop until the refrigerator or freezer reaches the set temperature.

EZ-Open Handle™
Opening the freezer just got easier with our new EZ-Open Handle™. Simply lift the handle and a fully-loaded freezer glides out effortlessly.

Storage Capacity (cu. ft.): 25.8

Cooling Features
Cooling System: Twin Cooling®

Refrigerator Features
CoolSelect Pantry™: Yes

Freezer Features
Built-in Automatic Icemaker: Yes

Exterior Features
Display & Control: Internal, Blue LED
Color: Black

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