Samsung RM257ACRS Four Door Refrigerator

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Samsung RM257ACRS Four Door Refrigerator

The stainless steel RM257ACRS refrigerator is ideal for those who love to cook and entertain. Customize this fridge to your specific needs by adding more freezer or fridge space to the bottom two drawers with just the touch of a button. And with SAMSUNG’s advanced QuatroCooling™ technology, food is kept super fresh, retaining its moisture and delicious flavor. Break free from conventional refrigerators and indulge in complete flexibility and total convenience with the SAMSUNG RM257ACRS refrigerator.Also available in black and stainless platinum.

quarto cooling system
SAMSUNG's innovative QuatroCooling convertible refrigerator, not only has 4 separate compartments, each compartment is controlled and cooled separately with its own evaporator and fan while using only one compressor. This innovative QuatroCooling system also keeps food in optimal humidity and temperature conditions while making the refrigerator more versatile.

surround air flow
Improved air circulation is another cool way to keep your food fresh. Cool air flows out through multiple outlets in every shelf level and provides even cooling throughout the refrigerator. An ideal temperature is always maintained to keep your food super fresh.

flexible capacity
Now you can add more freezer or refrigerator space at the touch of a button. The Arctic Select Zone and Fresh Select Zone drawers can be controlled and cooled separately. You can change the Arctic Select Zone and the Fresh Select Zone into extra fridge space or change one into freezer space and the other into fridge space. Make sure your food is stored at the ideal temperature by customizing compartments and their temperatures to suit your needs.

external digital display and control
Controlling the refrigerator is convenient and easy with the digital display. It shows the inside temperatures, when to change your filter and also controls the ice and water dispenser.

power freeze and power cool
High humidity level is critical for keeping vegetables and fruits at their freshest. While conventional refrigerators maintain humidity levels of only 17%, often drying out food quickly, the Quatro cooling system can maintain up to 72% humidity, four times more than ordinary refrigerators. With the Quatro cooling system, food retains its moisture for much longer. In addition, air is not exchanged between the 4 compartments eliminating odor transfer keeping your favorite frozen foods tasting great.

Net Total: 24.8
Net Freezer: 7.0
Net Convertible freezer: 2.4
Net Refrigerator: 11.6
Net Convertible refrigerator: 3.8
Dimensions Net Width: 35 11/16''
Net Case height w/ hinge: 69 7/8''
Net Case height w/o hinge: 68 11/16''
Net Depth w/ door handle: 36''
Net Depth w/o door handle: 33 1/8''
Net Depth w/o door: 29 7/8''

Cooling Features
TDM Cooling: Yes
Cooling System: QuatroCooling
No Frost: Yes
Multi flow: Yes

Refrigerator Features
Vegetable & Fruit Drawers: 1EA
Humidity controller: Yes
Total # of shelves: 4EA
# of Tempered glass shelves: 4EA
Spill proof shelves: 3EA
Foldable shelves: 1EA
Total # of Door Pocket: 3EA
Dairy compartment: 1EA
Gallon door storage: 2EA
Egg Container: 1EA
Wine Shelf: Yes
Deodorizer: Yes
Interior Light (W*EA): 40 W * 3

Freezer Features
Icemaker: Yes
# of drawers: 1EA
Total # of shelves: 3EA
# of Tempered glass shelves: 3EA
Total # of Door Pocket: 2EA
Tilt Pockets: 1EA
Interior Light (W*EA): 40 W * 2

Exterior Features
Dispenser: Yes
Inline water filter: Yes
Beverage Station: No
Display & Control: Blue LED Display
Handles: Short Arc Design
Colors: Stainless

Others Door
Alarm(2min.): Yes
Freezer Star Rating: 4 star
Refrigerant: R134a
Cyclopentane Insulation: Yes

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