Sanyo TVQ-EXA029KF Wide Island Freezer

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Sanyo TVQ-EXA029KF Wide Island Freezer

CAPACITY: 70.5 cu.ft., 47.0 cu.ft., 15.6 cu.ft.

Our Wide Island Merchandisers are industry leaders in energy efficiency, while providing stable temperatures and a maintenance friendly design

Energy Efficient
SANYO's wide island design conserves energy while maintaining stable cooling performance.

Several features make maintenance easier, including ample space for accessing the electrical connection points in the raceway and removable self-trapping drain.

First SANYO stands behind the reliability of its merchandisers with a limited time warranty.

SANYO's TVQ Wide Island Merchandiser allows the customer multiple merchandiser applications such as ice cream, frozen food, frozen meat, dairy, or deli. The height of the wire racks on the merchandiser can easily be adjusted for more effective storage and display goods.

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