Genius Remote 300 Universal Remote Control

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Genius Remote 300 Universal Remote Control

Remote 300 is designed for use with Windows Media Center in Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows Vista Ultimate. It allows you to manage your Media Center PC easily and provides you with more digital media experience.

The user friendly Media Center on-screen menus provide remote control interaction, and give you convenient and engaging ways to access your entertainment anywhere across the room. The Remote 300 control closely resembles and functions like remote controls for other consumer electronic devices, such as a TV, audio/video receiver and DVD player. It also provides a smart learning function so you can integrate three AV devices into the Remote 300.

Remote 300 is one amazing and easy product for your whole family to use. It can save you time, solve the hassle of any misplaced remotes, and tidy up your living room. Just imagine one remote can replace your current remote controllers. Contact your sales representative for more information.

Key features:

* Stylish design fits comfortably in your hand
* Media Center remote control keeps all entertainments on your computer; such as Live TV, DVD, My Video, My Music, ....etc
* Three device modes (TV, AV, and AUX) to learn and store three sets of code into each mode.

Remote 300
Learing: Yes
Transmission: IR
Maximum devices: 4
MCE: Yes