Genius Remote 600 Universal Remote Control

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Genius Remote 600 Universal Remote Control

If you have too many gadgets (like most of us) in your living room, then you have too many remote controls (TV, DVD, home theater…etc). You can get confused about which one to use and it's inconvenient to store them, plus it's frustrating if one gets misplaced. Now Genius understands your need and introduces you with the latest smart product--- Remote 600 to integrate all your remote controls.

Think about it, with just one Remote 600 in your hand, you can control up to six devices, including DVD, TV, satellite receivers, VCR and other infrared remote control devices. Remote 600 has a large preset database of most brands and models. This means it supports most brands of televisions, DVD players, amplifiers, VCRs, Satellites, etc. You just check the code list and enter the device's digit code number into Remote 600; then Remote 600 can send all the right commands to the appointed device.

If your device isn't listed or the code list is lost, you can use the smart learning function of Remote 600 to learn other remote controls or start the auto search function to load preset codes into Remote 600.These two convenient and intelligent functions are much more friendly to any user.

The enlarged LCD touch screen and blue LED backlight let you use the remote control comfortably and easily in the dark. Moreover, Remote 600 has a Macro sequence function and Punch thru function. The punch thru enables you to adjust the volume of your TV while you are watching a DVD without having to switch to the DVD device.

In a word, Remote 600 is one amazing and easy product for your whole family to use. It can save you time, solve the hassle of any misplaced remotes, and tidy up your living room.

Key features:

* Control up to six devices, such as TV, DVD, etc.
* Smart learning function and IR code library
* Macro function lets you send a sequence of commands by pressing a single button
* Enlarged LCD touch screen
* Up to 44 user-programmable keys for each device
* Automatic power saving mode turns off the remote after 90 seconds of inactivity
* Attractive blue LED backlight for easy use in the dark

Remote 600
Type: 6 in one remote control for entertainment devices
Soft keys: 26 keys/2 pages (per device)
Rubber keys: 18 keys
Learning frequency: 20KHz-455KHz & Pulse up to 256 bits long
Memory: 512KB non-volatile flash memory
Backlight: Blue LED
Batteries: 1.5V,4 AAA alkaline batteries
IR distance: 8-10 meters
LCD screen: 1..58" x 2.44" ( 4.0cm x 6.2cm )
WEEE: - Dimension (W*H*D mm) : 58 x198 x 28mm ( 2.28" x 7.80" 1.10" )
- Body weight: 165 g (without batteries)
- Giftbox size (mm) : 230 x160 x 40 mm