HP Mobile Remote Control Express Card

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HP Mobile Remote Control Express Card

Simplify life with your notebook PC. Looking back, you'll wonder how you survived without the handy HP Mobile Remote Control!

* Remotely control your notebook content from the palm of your hand when using the laptop's integrated IR receiver
* Take it with you: the compact remote fits neatly in your notebook's ExpressCard slot so you can easily take your remote on the go
* Browse your media collection or presentations from across the room or from your sofa
* Scroll through pages of spreadsheets and documents with page up and page down emulation
* Put your notebook in hibernation or standby (or take it out); launch DVDs, Quickplay and Windows Media Center from hibernation when using Windows
* Compatibility: HP Pavilion dv1000t, dv2000, dv5000, dv6000, dv8000, dv9000 notebook PCs and Compaq Presario V2000, V3000, V5000, V6000

What's in the box?

* Remote control card

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