Logitech 966208-0403 Harmony 550 Advanced Universal Remote

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Logitech 966208-0403 Harmony 550 Advanced Universal Remote

Throw away the cheat sheet and get intuitive, one-touch control over all your home entertainment components. Want to watch a movie? Play some music? Just say so and let Harmony do the rest. It's easy enough for the houseguests, for the babysitter, for the kids—and of course for you.

One trigger finger is all you need.

* One-Touch Control: Choose the activity you want to do, not the device (component) you want to turn on.
* Up to 12 Components: Control video, audio, and gaming.
* Customizable Buttons: Put your most frequent activities at your fingertips.
* Sound and Picture Buttons: Configure your preferences with just one button.
* Learning Port: Add favorite functions from an old remote just by pointing it at your Harmony.

Comfort and Convenience
Never get numb-thumb again.

* Comfort-Grip Shape: Hold on comfortably and reach all the buttons with ease.
* Fully Backlit Controls and LCD Display: Navigate even in movie-theater darkness.
* Help Button: Confused? Let the Help Button figure it out for you. (No one else has one.)

Simple Setup
It doesn't get easier than this.

* Online Wizard: Plug into a USB port, connect to the internet, and walk right through initial setup or adding equipment.
* Incredible Compatibility: From laser disc to Blu-Ray® disc, find your components in our device database.
* Free Support: Expect total customer satisfaction, whether you have a problem or just a question.