Canon FPA-7000AS7 Scanner

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Canon FPA-7000AS7 Scanner

The new FPA-7000AS7 is an ArF immersion scanning stepper with the highest NA, capable of sub-45nm resolution in a high-volume production environment


Ultra-low aberration Catadioptric ArF lens features the world's highest NA (1.35)

AS7 immersion system utilizes a unique, continuous-flow liquid film flow nozzle that provides the temperature and defect control and productivity required for immersion lithography.

The Two-Wafer Stage System features 2 fully independent wafer stage units that allow precise stage control and high speed "free swapping" of the stage units to provide the highest productivity and stage accuracy in the industry

To meet the demands of extreme low-k1 lithography, the Canon In-House Solution Tool utilizes in-situ information to provide optimum exposure conditions

Semiconductor Specifications

Model type: ArF (193nm) Scanner
Wafer size: 300mm
Resolution: ≤45nm
Numerical Aperture (NA): 0.85 ~ 1.35
Reticle size: 6in.
Reduction ratio: 4:1
Field size: 26mm x 33mm
Overlay accuracy: ≤6nm