Epson CaptureOne Single-Feed Check Scanner

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Epson CaptureOne Single-Feed Check Scanner

Epson's CaptureOne Single-Feed scanner allows small business customers the opportunity to get all the advantages of RDC using a low-cost, easy-to-use scanner. It features the same proven reliability and many of the innovative features as Epson's original CaptureOne scanner including the highest MICR read rate in its class, a high-quality image scanner, electronic endorsement and more.

Product Features

* Ideal RDC solution for small business customers
* Highest MICR accuracy in its class
* High-quality image scanner
* Resolution up to 200 dpi
* Flexible one- or two-pocket support
* Electronic endorsement feature
* Built-in franker
* Industry-leading two-year warranty

CaptureOne Single-Feed Check Scanner

Interface: USB 2.0
Scanner type: CIS (Contact Image Sensor)
MICR: Progressive MICR Method
Reliability: MCBF: 2,470,000; Life: 1,000,000 documents
Overall dimensions: 355mm (W) x 160mm (D) x 175mm (H) (14" x 6.3" x 6.9")
Case Color: Epson Dark Gray

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