Epson Perfection V350 Photo Scanner

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Epson Perfection V350 Photo Scanner

With a new stylish design, the Epson Perfection V350 Photo allows easy scanning of photos, film, documents, and even 3D objects. The Epson Perfection V350 Photo boasts a unique Automatic Film Loader that flips out of the top lid, allowing you feed a strip of 35mm film into the scanner. The Perfection V350 Photo also provides maximum resolution of 4800 x 9600 dpi, the same resolution that many professional photographers use for scanning their films and negatives.

The sleek, slim design has a flat scanning area of 8.5 inches x 11.7 inches, and can be used in either the portrait or landscape mode. The high-rise lid opens to a full 180 degrees for scanning large and bulky items. You can even scan three-dimensional items up to approximately one inch thick with the lid closed.

Four buttons let you perform the most common functions with just one touch. Automatically scan photos, negatives and documents using the Start button, and the software chooses the most appropriate settings. Copy documents and print with an easy copy utility. Scan a photo and attach it to a new e-mail message. Or, scan and create a single or multi-page PDF.

Optimize your scans when your originals are less than perfect. Epson Easy Photo Fix instantly restores color to old faded photos so that they appear to have been taken yesterday. Enhanced Backlight Correction fixes incorrectly or under-exposed images. And, with Advanced Digital Dust Correction, you can automatically remove dust on film negatives or slides while minimizing the risk that artifacts will be introduced.

The Perfection V350 Photo includes extra software that gives you the most from scanned images and documents. Whether you’re a novice or an old hand at digital editing, it’s easy to use ArcSoft PhotoImpression to enhance and get creative with images, using them in calendars and other fun projects. ABBYY FineReader Sprint Plus turns your scanned documents into editable text files, eliminating the n
eed to re-type the document. And, the Epson Creativity Suite makes it simple to scan, save, manage, and edit images.

For home users and amateur photographers, the Epson Perfection V350 Photo lets you scan and produce images with amazing clarity and detail. Easy to use features will restore faded photos, remove unwanted dust, and enhance poorly lit originals. With so many digital imaging enhancement tools housed in a sleek, innovative design, the Epson Perfection V350 Photo is a wise choice for easily restoring and archiving your cherished photos, negatives and slides, while allowing you to scan objects for creative projects and scrap books.

* High-rise lid for scanning 3D objects
* Auto-feed film loader
* 4800 x 9600 dpi scanning
* Easy color photo restorations
* Automatic scanning of photos, slides, negatives and documents

Features & Benefits

* New slim design with high-rise lid that opens to 180 degrees
* Precision color and detail with 4800 x 9600 dpi scanning for brilliant enlargements (up to 8x10 or larger)
* Innovative automatic film loader for effortless scanning of 35mm film strips
* Four easy-to-use buttons (scan, copy, e-mail and PDF) for automatic scanning
* Epson Easy Photo Fix¨ to instantly restore faded color photos
* Advanced Epson Digital Dust Correction technology for more effective and intelligent dust removal
* Enhanced backlight correction fixes incorrectly or under-exposed images
* Convenient Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface