Fujitsu fi-4340C Flatbed Scanner

Fujitsu Updated: 2007-07-20
Fujitsu fi-4340C Flatbed Scanner

Get production-level features you want in a departmental scanner you can afford

Fast color scanning up to 48 ipm (150 dpi portrait)
True 600-dpi optical resolution with dual color CCD scanning array
100-page automatic document feeder with infrared document double feed detection
Unmatched reliability and customization options, including 40-character imprinter, hardware JPEG compression, ScanRight™ IPC and video interface
Enhance productivity with Fujitsu service and support
Includes Adobe® Acrobat® software, ScandAll 21, VRS and Capio (Demo version)

A powerful combination of speed, flexibility, reliability and image quality
The Fujitsu fi-4340C Color Duplex Document Scanner makes the advanced scanning capabilities usually found on high-end production scanners more affordable. With true 600 dpi optical resolution, this enhanced color scanner allows you to capture the intricate details of your documents that other scanners might miss.

To enhance productivity, the fi-4340C scanner features a 100-page automatic document feeder with double-feed detection that instantly alerts operators to misfeeds and automatic page-end detection that conserves file space. Dual color CCDs scan both sides of a document in one pass and can even be configured to drop out different colors on each side without changing lamps. So, whether you're processing forms or scanning photographic images, the fi-4340C scanner helps you be more productive.