Kodak EverSmart Select II Scanner

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Kodak EverSmart Select II Scanner

A sophisticated, robust, and efficient scanner, the EVERSMART Select II scanner delivers production-quality scans quickly. The large scanning bed accommodates any kind of original, and XY Stitch scanning technology delivers maximum resolution and sharpness. OXYGEN Scan software provides powerful editing and color-management tools that accelerate production, boost efficiency, and access the full potential of the EVERSMART Select ll. This scanner is built to be the reliable hub of a high-quality, high-productivity scanning and image processing business.

Unique XY Stitch scanning technology includes scanning optics with motion along the x and y axes. This enables accurate positioning of the scan head directly below the center of each image, regardless of where the original is placed on the scanning area. The technology assures uniform sharpness and high optical resolutionacross the entire scanning bed. High image quality is maintained even with large originals. For example, a 20 x 25 cm (8 x 10 inches) image is scanned in several strips at a record-breaking optical resolution of up to 5,600 dpi, capturing maximum information. Stitching is performed on the fly to further increase productivity.
Selected features and benefits

* scan once, output many workflow--repurposes images for multiple output
* full scanning media and workflow flexibilit
* full ICC color management workflow assures high quality and predictability
* professional editing and proofing tools give you full image control