Kodak EverSmart Supreme II Scanner

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Kodak EverSmart Supreme II Scanner

The EVERSMART Supreme II scanner delivers ultra-high resolution, extended dynamic range, and high productivity. It is designed both for graphic businesses, where speed and excellent image quality are essential, and for museums and libraries, where digital image archiving is the key to preserving cultural and scientific content.

With XY Stitch scanning technology, the scan head moves along the x and y axes, enabling accurate positioning directly below the center of each image, regardless of where the original is placed on the scanning area. The technology assures uniform sharpness and high optical resolution of up to 5,600 dpi everywhere on the scanner. Excellent image quality is maintained even with large originals. For example, an 8-by-10-inch image can be scanned in several strips at a record-breaking scanning resolution of 14,000 dpi, capturing maximum information. Stitching is performed on the fly to further increase productivity.

Selected features and benefits

* CCD dynamic cooling system: enables the scanner to better differentiate a wide range of color tones
* MaxDR: the quality of an image can be optimized with maximum dynamic range
* Parallel workflow for high productivity: enables you to interactively set parameters for a previewed image in the foreground, while the scanner captures and processes other images in the background
* Full scanning media and workflow flexibility
* 16-bit workflow for enhanced image quality