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The high-performance RENAISSANCE copydot scanning system enables printers to scan color-separated halftone film and generate digital files for integration into a complete end-to-end digital workflow.

The GATF award-winning RENAISSANCE copydot scanning system provides high-quality scans, fast throughput, and is easy to use. Advanced scanning technology enables the RENAISSANCE system to produce an exact replica of the original film by copying it dot-for-dot, without introducing moiré or artifacts. Printers can be confident that digital data is an accurate reproduction of the original film or copy. The RENAISSANCE solution is designed to run all tasks as parallel processes and can output a new set of files every five minutes.

The RENAISSANCE system eliminates manual stripping, reduces file preparation time and enables quicker access to stored files. It features timesaving tools such as job templates for frequently used jobs, fully automatic registration of digital separations, and bitmap editing tools for quick and easy clean up of any defects in the original film images. What used to take a film stripper 15 minutes at the light table can now be done in less than 15 seconds.
Selected features and benefits

* reduced cycle time
* ease of use
* rich functionality
* on-screen preview
* end-to-end solution
* increased business opportunities