Kodak Scan Station 100 Plus Scanner

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Kodak Scan Station 100 Plus Scanner

Capture documents. Send them Anywhere. Make the most of the information they contain.

How can you ensure that everyone in your business has the information they need? How can you share information, while lowering costs and saving time? The Kodak Scan Station 100 Plus offers you a powerful desktop solution—a multi-purpose device that easily scans and sends information. The Scan Station 100 Plus is packed with pluses that make it easy to use, provide enhanced security, aid system administration and enable ergonomic operation.

Benefits for your business

* Combines scanning and sending in one device—no PC hardware or software to purchase
* Share information in seconds—in color, black-and-white or grayscale
* Walk-up easy, with minimal training needed
* Integrates with your existing office network
* Easily customizable to handle everyday work tasks

Be sure of security

* Secure login using LDAP
* PDF private key encryption for an extra level of security
* Enable/disable scanning to portable USB drives to ensure your data stays where you want it

Designed for system administration

* Tracking of user transactions, from login to logout
* For frequent jobs, combine settings and destinations into one task
* Enable faster scanning by turning off the Settings and Destinations preview screen

Get your hands on excellent ergonomics

* "Whisper-quiet" operation, appropriate for any work environment
* Easy operation with rotatable color touch screen
* Special feeder included for quick scanning of ID cards and other small documents