Kodak i150 Scanner

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Kodak i150 Scanner

All the scanning performance and flexibility your busy office or department needs.

* Simplex model for color, bitonal and grayscale imaging
* Perfect Page Scanning with iThresholding delivers sharp, clean images without rescanning
* Five output options:
  o bitonal
  o grayscale
  o color output
  o Dual Stream simultaneous bitonal and grayscale
  o Dual Stream simultaneous bitonal and color
* Renowned SurePath paper handling that minimizes jams
* Scans up to A3-size documents to handle your full workload
* 3-D ultrasonic multi-feed detection lets you scan with confidence
* Easy setup and operation
* Worldwide service and support for your peace of mind

Perfect Page with iThresholding: Advanced image processing from Kodak allows you to scan even poor-quality documents and get great images. Image cropping and straightening happen at full scanning speed. We've virtually eliminated the need to rescan or change settings so that you can be more productive, automatically.

Exclusive SurePath paper handling is designed for smooth paper transport and virtually jam-free operation.

Flexible feeding capability: Get through workloads faster by scanning documents up to A4 length (297 mm/11.7 inches) in landscape mode. For more flexibility, the feeder handles documents up to 432 mm/17 inches (A3 length) in portrait mode.

Electronic Color Dropout: Suppress irrelevant red, green or blue backgrounds for efficient forms processing.

3-D multi-feed detection with ultrasonic technology lets you feed a wide variety of paper types and weights h confidence that you'll capture your images.

IEEE-1394 (FIREWIRE) interface allows for quick setup and speeds your images on their way. For your convenience, we also include the IEEE-1394 card and cable.

Small footprint and quiet operation: Both models scan large documents but are still small enough to fit easily on any desktop.

KODAK Capture Software, Lite installs in minutes and supports a range of scanning features for practically any office application. Easily upgradeable to the full version of Capture Software.

VRS Compatible for additional imaging options.