Kodak i280 Scanner

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Kodak i280 Scanner

Kodak is raising your expectations for desktop production scanning by delivering powerful imaging plus a long list of productivity features. Perfect Page scanning makes scanned images sharp while SurePath paper handling minimizes jams. And with the i280 Scanner, you can auto-feed extremely long and irregularly shaped documents. The optional dockable flatbed and document imprinter give you even more versatility.

* Perfect Page scanning automatically delivers clean, sharp images at full speed
* Electronic color dropout allows you to optimize forms processing by removing irrelevant red, green or blue background color
* Five output options:
  o bitonal
  o grayscale
  o color output
  o Dual Stream simultaneous bitonal and grayscale
  o Dual Stream simultaneous bitonal and color
* With dual stream output, scan up to 248 images per minute at 200 dpi
* SurePath paper handling and ultrasonic multi-feed detection let you scan with confidence
* IEEE-1394 (FireWire) interface for fast image transfer (card and cable included)
* The i280 Scanner can scan documents up to 6.1 m (20 ft.) and beyond—even a mile long—depending on PC memory
* Optional dockable flatbed handles exception documents and offers spacesaving flexibility
* The toggle patch feature on the i280 model lets you automatically switch between bitonal and color scanning "on the fly" as often as needed, simply by scanning a unique patch code