Kodak iQsmart3 Scanner

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Kodak iQsmart3 Scanner

The top-of-the-line IQSMART3 scanner is geared toward professionals requiring high-quality results with an efficient, versatile workflow. In addition to the cutting-edge technologies that distinguish the IQSMART3 family, the IQSMART3 offers high resolution, a large scanning bed, and the scan once, output many (SOOM) workflow. Productivity can be extended with offline image processing via the optional OXYGEN Open software, while the optional OXYGEN Dot Solution offers quality Copydot scanning. There is no scanning solution in the same price range that matches the versatility, quality, and consistency of the IQSMART3 scanner.

The IQSMART3 scanner has a true optical resolution of up to 5,500 dpi from edge to edge. Exclusive XY Stitch scanning technology ensures consistent sharpness and resolution regardless of the original's size or where it is placed on the scanning bed. The inverted CCD, an innovative downward-facing CCD, dramatically improves scanning performance by preventing fine dust particles from settling on the CCD surface.

The IQSMART scanner is fast, delivering production-quality scans at a rate of 85 scans an hour (benchmark: 6 x 7 cm, 250 percent at 300 dpi in Productive Group Scan mode), and allowing you to scan up to 96 35mm slides in one job. Its large scanning bed can accommodate ten A4-size films simultaneously or one A3-size film.
Selected features and benefits

* high resolution: 10,000 dpi (5,500 dpi optical)
* scan any original type: negative and positive film, reflective photos, and other originals up to A3+/12 x 18 in. (13 x 18 in. for reflective)
* spectacular, pure 16-bit color
* SOOM (Scan Once, Output Many) workflow saves time and preserves scan quality for re-use
* XY Stitch scanning technology delivers consistent resolution and sharpness for any size original
* inverted CCD provides clean, sharp scans, increasing productivity and reducing retouching time
* OXYGEN scanning application
* color depth productivity: 85 scans per hour
* creates Digital Transparency archives