Kodak s1220 Photo Scanning System

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Kodak s1220 Photo Scanning System

Compact, fast and powerful, the KODAK s1220 Photo Scanning System makes it easy to digitize your customers' treasured old photos, postcards and even their old documents so they can be shared by e-mail, displayed, printed, output to digital media and more.

* Versatile countertop system lets you digitize hundreds of photos and other memorabilia in minutes
* Virtually eliminates labor-intensive manual feeding—place even a disorganized stack in the feeder and scan away
* Powerful, user-friendly software delivers the versatility and control you need to easily retouch and enhance customer photos
* Low initial investment and minimal staff training make it simple and cost-effective to integrate with your current photo services

The KODAK s1220 Photo Scanning System makes it easy to offer a popular (and profitable) service while giving your customers exciting new options for their favorite photos.

Maximum output with minimum effort

* Just take the photos exactly the way you receive them—mixed sizes, different paper weights, random orientation—and place them in the fast auto-feeder
* Easily handles up to 30 photos (100 mm x 150 mm; 4 x 6 in.) per minute at 300 dpi
* Continuously feed photos while a batch is scanning

Full control for improving your customers' photos

* Easily fix common problems such as red-eye, incorrect color balance and poor contrast
* Rotate photos clockwise or counterclockwise
* Scan both sides in one pass to capture information written on the back
* Create JPEG files at 300, 600 or 1,200 dpi
* Optional A4-size flatbed scanner handles oversized, mounted, bound or fragile photos