Kodak s1740 Capture System

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Kodak s1740 Capture System

Designed to eliminate costly document pre-sorting and post-sorting, the KODAK s1740 Capture System includes a fully integrated high-speed document scanner with inline document separation capability, and the controlling software to make it all happen.

KODAK s1740 Capture System

* Typical applications include centralized batch scanning for customer service, magazine subscriptions, payment and invoice processing, mailroom operations, and others
* Automatically post-sorts documents into 2, 6, 8 or 12 pockets based on content (barcode, MICR, format or OCR) or document attributes (size, shape and more)
* Outputs up to six different images (color, grayscale and bitonal, both front and back) from just one pass
* Handles intermixed document weights, orientations and sizes from credit card slips to legal-size paper
* Real-time encoding of MICR data and imprinting of up to three barcodes on every document to keep pages from the same file together (with optional accessories)
Compact, powerful and flexible, the KODAK s1740 Capture System scans, sorts and imprints intermingled documents of various sizes and weights with a wide range of output options, at speeds up to 110 pages per minute / 220 images per minute.

Inline document separation cuts labor costs

* Saves time and money by eliminating most manual pre- and post-sorting
* Leverages OCR, barcodes and/or MICR data for automatic post-sorting into 2, 6, 8 or 12 pockets (depending on configuration)
* Can also sort based on document attributes (size, shape and more) and other graphic elements

Flexible output

Easily specify up to six different images (color, grayscale and bitonal, both front and back) from one scanning pass

* Detects color and outputs images in color accordingly
* Automatically deskews, crops and rotates images
* Optional printing of MICR fonts, barcodes and endorsements
* Generates wide range of statistical information on processed documents for better decision-making

Maximum performance that delivers maximum productivity

* Optical and ultrasonic multi-feed detection at the intake point prevents double feeds; sensors along the paper path monitor transport and also aid in multi-feed detection
* Expert service and support around the clock and around the world for maximum uptime and peace of mind
* The s1740 system comes from Kodak, a global leader in document imaging with the experience, expertise and commitment to enable smooth, one-vendor integration

Powerful software to handle any job

* Flexible input for all types of applications
* Real-time text interpretation reduces manual sorting of potentially unknown, unsorted and unencoded documents by allowing sorting, labeling, and assigning of archival image output types while documents are still in the scanner
* Generates control information for tasks such as fine sorting and power encoding
* Flexible tools for user administration, document type definition, run generation and statistical reports


Operating Software
* KODAK s1700 Operating System Software for intelligent capture, real-time interpretation and efficient management of information

Inline Document Separation
* Available via 2-, 6-, 8- and 12-pocket configurations

* Optional front post-scan and rear post-scan (front side imprinting is in E13B fonts only, rear side is endorsing only)

Scanning Technology
* Scans both front and back sides of documents
* Dual Trilinear CCD

Character Reading (some optional)
* Optical: Single-line OCR-A, OCR-B or E13B; 2 read windows definable by software; Read direction horizontal and vertical, selectable
* Supported barcodes: Code 3 of 9 (Code 39); Code 2 of 5 interleaved, non-interleaved, with IATA, industrial, MATRIX, DATALOGIC; Code 128, EAN 8, EAN 8 with AddOn, EAN13, EAN13 with AddOn

On-board Imaging Features
* Autocrop, aggressive crop, deskew, image rotation, electronic color dropout, dual stream scanning, halftone removal, noise removal, zone processing, automatic color detection

* Dual fluorescent lamps per side

Optical Resolution
* 300 dpi for color images; 240 dpi for grayscale images

Output Resolution
* Black and white: 200/240/300 dpi
* Color/grayscale: 100/120/150/200/240/300 dpi