Konica Minolta MS7000 MK II Scanner

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Konica Minolta MS7000 MK II Scanner

The MS7000 MK II gives you a large widescreen view of microfilm and microfiche originals, so you can quickly read and review more information on screen, print on paper, and scan and digitize for electronic distribution.

Its 12" x 17" anti-glare screen lets you view two-page spreads and wide originals more easily. You'll be able to load a wide range of film and fiche carriers for microfiche, jackets, aperture cards, 16mm and 35mm roll film, and 16mm film cartridges. You'll even have a check stacking function that lets you scan and print check front and back on a single sheet.

* Auto imaging and enhancement features let you adjust image position and alignment, zoom in on hard-to-read areas, enhance quality and trim and mask scan areas.

* High-resolution PC scanning enables you to incorporate microform information in websites, Emails, faxes and desktop publishing projects.

* Built-in SCSI-2 connector for PC interface and high-speed video connector for fast direct printing.

* You can switch from PC scanning to laser printing at the touch of a front-panel button.

* Laser printer and wide-format printer options give you output to match the needs of your application -- and two MS7000 MK II scanners can share a single printer for greater cost-efficiency.


Fast, flexible widescreen viewing, with front-panel control button that switches easily from PC scanning at up to 800 dpi to laser printing at up to 20 sheets per minute to speed your work sessions.

With support for multiple film and fiche carriers to handle microfiche, jackets, aperture cards, 16mm and 35mm roll film, and 16mm film cartridges, one scanner can serve all your microform scanning and printing needs.

Dual interface gives you a standard SCSI-2 for PC connection, plus a high-speed video connector for your choice of laser printer options.

Laser printer option gives you output speed of up to 20 ppm, to deliver prints faster and make work sessions more productive.

KIP Starprint® wide-format printer option gives you a total read/scan/print solution for engineering, maintenance and manufacturing applications.

"Push" scanning lets you initiate PC scans and adjust scanning parameters directly from your MS7000 MKII control panel.

Selectable scanning density of 200, 300, 400, 600 or 800 dpi lets you balance scanning speed and image quality to meet your needs.

Auto imaging features like motorized image rotation, auto focus (with option), auto skew correction, prism lens, auto centering and auto frame masking make scanning sessions go faster.

Check stacking function lets you view checks on screen, scan front and back, crop and deskew each image independently, and output both sides automatically on a single 8-1/2" x 11" sheet.

A wide range of lenses gives you maximum imaging flexibility -- and lenses are interchangeable with previous reader printer models.

Manual trimming and masking option lets you select and verify the exact scan area you want.

Digital image enhancement lets you correct density, contrast, resolution and sharpness.

Electronic zooming lets you reduce or magnify your image from 50% to 200%.

Date stamp (with MSP3000 Laser Printer) lets you add annotations to scanned images.

Component scanner/printer design lets you configure your system in any way that suits your workspace -- scanner on desktop, laser printer below or on a separate counter or shelf.