Konica Minolta PS5000C Scanner

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Konica Minolta PS5000C Scanner

The PS5000C gives you a fast, safe, cost-effective way to scan, digitize and share the content of your color publications. Books, magazines, scientific manuals, historical materials and artwork can all be preserved and shared in full color, without damage to brittle pages or fragile bindings. Digital scanning in just 3.4 seconds per 8-1/2" x 11" original lets you scan more documents in less time. You'll have flexible scanning modes for books and single pages -- and selectable scan resolution from 200 dpi to 600 dpi allows you to match scanning power to the needs of each original.

* 11.69" x 17.00" scanning area accommodates oversized bound volumes, ledgers, artwork, maps, archival records and other large documents.

* Direct PC interface with USB connector and TWAIN driver lets you scan color originals to your computer for use in websites, desktop publishing or Email.

* Selectable image modes to fine-tune output for Color Text, Color Photos, Grayscale Text, Grayscale Photos, or Line Art (bitmap for text or line art).

* Automatically compensates for page curvature and automatically erases centerline shadows, page borders, and images of fingers holding down pages for scanning.

* 3D Scanning lets you digitize the images of objects placed on the PS5000C scanning surface.


Direct PC interface with TWAIN driver and USB connector, so you can scan color originals to your desktop computer for use in documents, desktop publishing, websites, Email distribution or fix transmission.

One-page/two-page scanning modes allow you to scan two spread pages of a book or magazine up to 11" x 17", scan "right page" or "left page" consecutively, or scan each page separately.

Selectable resolution lets you choose the ideal balance of speed and image resolution -- 200 dpi, 240 dpi, 300 dpi, 400 dpi, even 600 dpi for highly detailed originals.

Versatile image modes let you optimize scanning output for five kinds of originals: Color Text (for color documents), Color Photo (for color photos), Grayscale Text (for monochrome documents), Grayscale Photo (for monochrome photos), or Line Art (bitmap, for text or line art).

Exposure control can be fully automatic; in manual mode (without optional manual switch) you can also lighten or darken your scanned image through 9 levels.

Sharpness control to adjust image sharpness in 5 levels, depending upon the detail you need.

Color adjustments let you correct for hue, saturation and lightness to achieve the best possible scanning results.

Image rotation allows you to rotate your scanned image electronically through 90° clockwise, 180°, or 90° counter-clockwise.

Automatic curvature compensation corrects for warped text lines or compressed text at center when bound volumes don't lie flat.

Auto erasure of centerline shadows and outside borders.

Auto masking of images of fingers holding pages down as you scan.

3D scanning lets you place objects on the scanning surface and digitize their images; for small objects, a white sheet covering the surface will insure optimum exposure.

Simple operation with intuitive on-screen menus and logical controls that make color scanning simple, even for first-time users.