Konica Minolta RP600Z Scanner

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Konica Minolta RP600Z Scanner

The RP600Z is everything a reader/printer should be -- with compact design that fits easily on a desk, worktable or wherever you need quick access to your films. It's also the quietest reader/printer in its class, so you can use it in any office environment without bothering others working nearby.

A large 12" x 12" screen displays entire letter-size documents at normal magnification, so you can see more information at a glance. And its high quality, fast print output and low cost give you superior value.

* Controls are neatly arrayed at the front of the RP600Z for easy operation -- and prints are delivered in a front-mounted built-in print tray below the control panel.

* Precision optical lenses and the exclusive Micro-Toning system combine for consistently crisp, clear prints with excellent contrast.

* Versatile 18 - 38x zoom lens eliminates the need to change lenses frequently -- and is compatible with all common COM (Computer Output Microfilm) formats.

* Paper cassette holds up to 150 sheets of letter-size paper so you can make more prints with less reloading.

* Standard microfiche carrier handles microfiche, jackets and aperture cards; optional 16mm roll film and adaptor.


The 18-36x zoom lens provides maximum magnification ease and versatility while eliminating the need to frequently change lenses. This lens also permits 8-1/2" x 11" (A4) viewing and printing of all common COM formats.

All controls are neatly arrayed at the front of the unit, near the natural hand position of the operator. Prints are delivered into the front-mounted, built-in print tray just below the control panel.

Large 12" x 12" screen permits viewing of entire letter-size (A4) documents at normal magnification.

First letter-size print appears in just 14.5 seconds. Subsequent prints are produced at the rate of 6 prints per minute, or 5 prints per minute for A4-size prints.

The paper cassette holds up to 150 sheets of letter-size (A4) plain paper, reducing the need to frequently stop printing in order to refill the cassette.

The microfiche carrier permits viewing of microfiche, jackets, and aperture cards.

Skewed images can be manually adjusted using the image rotation knob for perfect printing alignment every time.