Visioneer Strobe XP 450 PDF Scanner

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Visioneer Strobe XP 450 PDF Scanner

The Strobe XP 450 PDF is the ideal solution for business users who need a fast document scanner with a small footprint. The Strobe XP 450 PDF with its 6" x 13-1/4" footprint fits neatly on a desk, holds up to 50 documents and scans 20 pages per minute.* The Strobe XP 450 USB includes Visioneer's award-winning OneTouch technology, which is tightly integrated with Nuance PaperPort with Built-in OCR making it easy to scan directly to PDF files. Includes TWAIN and Certified ISIS drivers.

Unique Features

Fast Scanning
The Strobe XP 450 PDF features a 50 page Automatic Document Feeder and scans at a blazing fast 20 pages per minute in 200 dpi black and white mode. It is the perfect tool for business users who are buried in paper they need to scan and store quickly.

Plug and Play Hi-Speed USB 2.0
The Strobe XP 450 PDF attaches via a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface, which achieves data transfer rates up to 60Mbytes per second, 300% faster than Ultra SCSI scanners and 600% faster than SCSI-3 scanners. Eliminating the SCSI card makes installation simple and keeps the scanner affordable while achieving a higher data transfer rate.

Scan To PDF
PaperPort represents a significant enhancement to Nuance's award-winning document and image management software by including native support for Adobe Portable Document Format. You can still create PaperPort MAX files, but PDF is now the default file format.

The Strobe XP 450 PDF includes the highly acclaimed OneTouch software made popular with Visioneer's flatbed scanners. Using Visioneer OneTouch technology, users can set the Strobe XP 450 PDF to automatically send a scanned image or document to any application for which there is a PaperPort Link.

Standard Visioneer Features

Convert Paper to Digital Documents
Turn scanned paper into editable Word, Excel or text files with a simple drag and drop on PaperPort's SendTo Bar. Virtually eliminates the need for retyping documents.

Fill Forms Quickly and Neatly
FormTyper automatically recognizes the fields in a scanned form. Simply tab and type to neatly fill in the information. Print the filled-in form and PaperPort automatically saves an electronic copy for your records.

Print to Desktop
Print from Windows applications directly to PaperPort, great for saving receipts from web stores.

20 page per minute simplex scans
Small footprint
Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface
Scans directly to PDF
TWAIN and Certified ISIS Drivers
600 dpi
Visioneer SKU Number: SXP4501D-WU

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