D-Link DCS-1110 Fast Ethernet PoE Internet Camera

D-Link Updated: 2008-10-05 RSS
D-Link DCS-1110 Fast Ethernet PoE Internet Camera

With support for 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) and a slim-line housing, the DCS-1110 is D-Link's most versatile camera yet. PoE support, when used with a compatible PoE power injector or PoE switch, eliminates the need for mounting the camera near a power supply. With 0.5 Lux light sensitivity, this camera is capable of capturing video in rooms with minimal lighting, making it ideal for use at night. When enclosed in an optional outdoor housing, the DCS-1110 makes an excellent home security camera.

You can access and control your camera using Internet Explorer. As you watch and listen remotely to video and sound obtained by the DCS-1110, you can record directly from the web browser to a local hard drive, making it ideal for capturing any moment no matter where you are. By signing up with one of the many free Dynamic DNS services available on the web, you can assign an easy-to-remember web address to the camera. Remotely access your camera without having to remember the IP address, even if your Internet Service Provider changes it.

IP View SE software is included to enhance the monitoring and management of the DCS-1110. Manage and monitor up to four compatible cameras simultaneously with this program. You can also use IP View SE to archive video straight to the hard drive, playback video, set up motion detection to trigger video/audio recording and send e-mail alerts. The DCS-1110 is configurable to record to a network-attached storage (NAS) device, eliminating the need to set up a dedicated computer for storing recorded video.

This camera also works great with D-Link's MediaLounge™ family of home entertainment products. After setting up the DCS-1110 to record to your PC's hard drive or a network-attached storage device, captured video can be played back using any of the MediaLounge Wireless Media Players. You can even configure your MediaLounge Wireless Media Player to connect to the DCS-1110 and play real-time video feed on your TV screen!

The DCS-1110, featuring PoE support and bundled with IP View SE, is a cost-effective and versatile security solution for your home or business.