D-Link DCS-5220 Wireless Pan/Tilt Internet Camera

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D-Link DCS-5220 Wireless Pan/Tilt Internet Camera

The D-Link Wireless Pan/Tilt Internet Camera (DCS-5220) is the ultimate remote surveillance solution that allows viewing of a live video feed on a compatible 3G mobile phone or PDA. It is perfect for users that are often on the road and desire around-the-clock monitoring for applications such as home/office surveillance, checking up on infants, kids, or family members. Simply connect to the Internet using a 3G-enabled device and monitor the camera's video feed without needing a computer with an Internet connection.

The DCS-5220 can be placed anywhere on the network either through a wired Ethernet or wireless 802.11g/802.11b connection to view the camera's video feed. Equipped with a 0.5 Lux CMOS Sensor, the DCS-5220 is ideal for a variety of low-light conditions. This full-featured camera boasts motorized pan and tilt capabilities that allow a greater coverage area with a single camera. Using the pan and tilt feature along with 4x digital zoom, users can zero-in on a subject much more effectively. Simply record video onto your network-based PC or take full advantage of your NAS device by recording video directly onto it. In addition, snapshots/video clips can be instantly taken while viewing the camera's video feed directly through a Web browser. While monitoring, you can also listen to anyone within close proximity to the camera's built-in microphone. Furthermore, the DCS-5220 allows you to schedule both recorded video and snapshots to be uploaded onto a ftp server and sent via e-mail.

With support for MPEG4 recording, the DCS-5220 is well suited for various recording scenarios. MPEG-4 video allows for smaller sized files for extended recording periods or for use in low bandwidth networks. Innovative software is included to enhance the monitoring and management of the DCS-5220. Using the feature-rich IP surveillance program, monitor and manage up to 16 cameras simultaneously, set recording schedules, enable motion detection settings, and change settings to multiple cameras.

Providing 3G capabilities and advanced monitoring features, the D-Link Wireless Pan/Tilt Internet Camera (DCS-5220) is the ideal surveillance solution of choice for those on-the-go.

The D-Link Wireless Pan/Tilt Internet Camera (DCS-5220) is a full-featured surveillance solution that connects to your Ethernet or 802.11g wireless network to provide remote monitoring over the Internet. Use the motorized pan/tilt controls with 4x digital zoom to zoom in on images and take snapshots directly from a web browser. You can schedule recorded video or snapshots to be uploaded to a ftp server or sent via e-mail. Equipped with a 0.5 Lux CMOS Sensor, this camera is ideal for low-light conditions. Enable one-way audio with the built-in microphone and listen to any activity or anyone within close proximity to the camera.

The DCS-5220 features 3G mobile video support enabling you to view a live video feed from your camera on a compatible 3G mobile phone or PDA anywhere in your 3G coverage area. The 3G mobile video support expands the functionality of the DCS-5220, allowing you to monitor your remote location without requiring a computer. IP surveillance software is also included to manage up to 16 cameras simultaneously from your computer, send automated e-mail alerts, and record video to your hard drive when motion is detected.