D-Link DCS-5610 Pan/Tilt/Zoom PoE Network Camera

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D-Link DCS-5610 Pan/Tilt/Zoom PoE Network Camera

The D-Link Pan/Tilt/Zoom PoE Internet Camera (DCS-5610) is a full-featured surveillance camera designed to monitor the home, office, and small business. IP surveillance systems are quickly gaining ground over conventional CCTV security cameras due to superior performance, low costs, and convenient management. Features such as Power over Ethernet (PoE) support, 2.6x optical zoom, SIP 2-way audio, and 3G mobile phone support make this network camera a premier surveillance solution.

Optimal Placement
With the ability to Pan/Tilt/Zoom, the DCS-5610 is an ideal whole room surveillance camera. Mount the camera on the ceiling or wall and receive whole room surveillance. Support for 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) enables the DCS-5610 to receive both power and data over an RJ-45 Ethernet cable from a PoE enabled switch, negating the need for a nearby power source. The DCS-5610 supports 2-Way Audio with its built-in microphone and audio-out port*. Attach a powered speaker to the audio-out port and remotely communicate with anyone within close proximity to the camera.

Additionally, you can utilize the compatible IP Camera Outdoor Enclosure (DCS-70) to monitor and survey in harsh outdoor environments.

Viewing Quality
The DCS-5610 supports both MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG (MJPEG) to provide both high quality and bandwidth efficient compression formats. Motion JPEG delivers greater file integrity, making it ideal for detailed monitoring situations. MPEG-4 video utilizes compressed files, useful for extended recording periods or for use in low bandwidth networks. With support for 2.6x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom, you can view the camera's video feed in close-up detail. Plus, the DCS-5610 supports a resolution of 640x480 at 30fps, allowing for high-quality recordings.

3GPP Mobile Surveillance
Support for 3GPP Mobile Surveillance allows you to view a live video feed from your compatible Internet-ready mobile phone or PDA with a 3GPP player installed. This extends your monitoring capability without requiring the use of a computer, allowing you to check your camera's video feed while on-the-go.

Convenient Management and Monitoring
Manage the DCS-5610 using a Web-based interface or with the included D-ViewCam™ 2.0 management software. D-ViewCam 2.0 management software can manage up to 32 network cameras, send e-mail alert notifications, set recording schedules, and trigger motion detection to record directly to your hard drive. D-ViewCam 2.0 also allows you to upload a floor plan of your home and create a realistic layout of where your cameras are located, further simplifying the management process.

* Use of audio or video equipment for recording the image or voice of a person without their knowledge and consent is prohibited in certain states or jurisdictions. Nothing herein represents a warranty or representation that the D-Link product provided herein is suitable for the end-user's intended use under the applicable laws of his or her state. D-Link disclaims any liability whatsoever for any end-user use of the D-Link product which fails to comply with applicable state, local or federal laws.