Kodak TRACELESS System

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Kodak TRACELESS System

The KODAK TRACELESS System is a forensically invisible authentication technology that protects against fraud and counterfeiting. It is easy to implement and integrates into a wide range of materials with no disruption to product design or production processes

* Proprietary KODAK Markers can be integrated into a wide range of host materials with no impact on material characteristics
* KODAK Markers are only detectable with TRACELESS Readers—they are invisible to standard optical, forensic, or chemical analysis
* TRACELESS Readers are precision built for reliability, durability, and accuracy under extreme conditions
* The system has built-in safeguards to make reverse engineering virtually impossible
* Multiple levels of security are possible with the same marker and reader—basic pass/fail or additional levels of security (confidential disclosure only)
* The system can be custom tailored to individual needs

The TRACELESS System is already providing anticounterfeiting protection for customers in a wide variety of applications including:

* Pharmaceuticals
* Cosmetics
* Premium wines and spirits
* Fashion apparel and accessories
* Documents and identification