Kodak TRACELESS Thermal Transfer Ribbon

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Kodak TRACELESS Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Protecting your company, your brand, and your customers just got simpler.  With the ease of changing a printer ribbon, you can get all the security benefits of the award-winning Kodak Traceless System for Anticounterfeiting.  Kodak Traceless Thermal Transfer Ribbon is a premium resin ribbon that delivers sharp, durable impressions which are automatically embedded with Kodak’s ultra-covert security markers.   Detectable only with the Kodak Traceless Imaging Reader, the embedded markers provide a powerful authentication component to barcodes, product identification tags, serial numbers – anything that you currently print with a standard thermal transfer printer and black thermal transfer ribbons.  Available in sizes and configurations to fit popular printer models, Kodak Traceless Thermal Transfer Ribbons deliver:

* High durability for harsh environments
* High resistance to heat, steam, abrasion, and many chemicals
* Excellent print quality on high-end films including vinyl, polyester and polyamide

A drop-in solution where thermal transfer labels are already used to print variable or short-run data, Kodak Traceless Thermal Transfer Ribbons provide an easy way to implement the Kodak Traceless System in such markets as:

* Pharmaceuticals:  Product identification labels, barcodes/tracking labels for
  o Dose packs, folding cartons or bulk packs
  o Repackaged product
  o Bottles and vials
* Electronics:  Product ID labels, serial numbers, barcodes for
  o Laptops
  o Cell phones and PDAs
  o Music/movie players
  o Batteries
* Cosmetics:  Product ID or barcode labels for:
  o Lipstick and makeup tubes
  o Nail polish bottles
  o Perfume bottles
* Manufactured parts:  ID and tracking labels for
  o Bearings
  o Machine parts